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This includes the temporary exhibitions of the Museum and the Adaevi, the cultural enterprise of the Islands Foundation. The Çınar Museum Grounds opened on 31st July 2010 with two exhibitions, following three- months of preparation. Ada Sahillerinde Bekliyorum (From the Shores of the Islands) and Adalılar (Islanders)exhibitions were open for one year.

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Büyükada - Hamidiye Mosque

The most notable mosque on Büyükada is Hamidiye Camii, which is four hundred meters south of the iskele on Ada Camii Sokağı. The mosque was built in 1892-3, and is named for Sultan Abdül Hamit II (r. 1876-1909). The main entrance, approached by a double stairway, is on the second floor of a three-storeyed structure that gives access to the prayer room, which is square in plan and covered by a dome.

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Büyükada - The Hesed Le Avram Synagogue

The Hesed Le Avram Synagogue is in Yalı Mahallesi, about six hundred meters east of the iskele on Pancur Sokağı, one short block south of Zagnos Paşa Caddesi. The synagogue, founded in 1903, is distinguished by the tripartite ogive Moorish arches in its façade and the copper-covered dome over its prayer room.

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The Roman Catholic church of San Pacifico is in Meşrutiyet Mahallesi about 350 meters south of the iskele, at the intersection of Lala Hatun Sokağı and Yeni Sokak. This is a large basilica in the neo-Gothic style, with a wooden roof, built by the Franciscans in the years 1865-6. Above the altar there is a large painting by the Italian artist Giovanni Battista depicting San Pacifico, flanked by Sts. Ignatius and Sophia, as they fly over the Princes’ Isles.

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