August on the Islands

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Ramadan Feast crowd has disappeared. Typical pace of summer months is back on the Islands. Number of visitors on Islands is changing from one island to another.

Sedef, the quietest of islands that are inhabited, is followed by Burgaz, Heybeli, Kınalı and Büyükada with respect to quietness.

As Büyükada attracts daily visitors the most, it seems that it will also be the liveliest in August. But every island has places that are out of sight and away from crowds. We suggest that you should first decide how you would like to spend your day, then make your choice.

But, the best choice is to stay for nights on few islands during week or weekends. Although transportation is quite frequent now, do not forget that the best time on the Islands is either morning or evening hours. Enjoy beauties without having the stress of going back to the city. How about finding a hotel to stay? There are many alternatives. You can reach them from hotels page of our web site.

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