Transportation In and Between Islands


Upon Arrival

In case you have heavy luggage you may ask some help from the carriers on the Pier. They can take your luggage to your house/hotel.

You should ask about the fee in advance. Prices change depending on on the load and destination.

Transportation in IslandsCoaches

Phaeton (Horse carriage)

You can find the Phaeton terminal near the Piers at Büyükada, Heybeliada and Burgazada. It is compulsary that the price list should be hanged in the terminal and in the Phaetons. Please ask the prices in adavance...

Transportation Between Islands

Please look at the schedules. You may use Mavi Marmara boats or Şehir Hatları ferries between islands.

Getting to the Beaches

In all islands special boat services are available for transportation to the beaches. These boats can be found near the main piers.

In general, transportation fee is included in the entrance fee. You can also use the same boats for your return.


Coach Bycycle MuseumYou can rent bicycles from around the center of the islands.

Please ask about the rules of renting and driving the bicycle and follow them carefully. Do not allow this delightful trip to become a nightmare for yourself and others.

Rent a Boat or Yacht at Adalar

Phones, Useful Web Sites...

Transportation to Museum of The Princes' Islands

Museum of the Princes’ Islands is the first contemporary city museum of Istanbul. It tells the story of the Islands from the geological formation of the Islands to the present day, displaying hundreds of objects and utilising twenty thousand Ottoman archival documents, six thousand digital photographs, hundreds of documentary films, documentation and filming of today’s Islands, archival records of public institutions of the Islands, temporary and permanent donations of the Islanders.

You can reach the Museum by walk (about 20 minutes from Center) by bicycle or by phaeton.

Taking Pets to Islands

You may take your pets and tour together in Islands. However you should follow the rules in the means of transport. You should have your pet in a cage and mouth collar. Your pet may travel only in open areas of the boats. Also you should bring a bag to collect the excrement of your pet.

Note to interested: In Büyükada there is a dog shelter at Aya Nikola Square near Museum of the Princes' Islands. There you may find several dogs abondened in the forest. Want to vis,t them? (Please see the map)

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