November on the Islands

kocayemisAutumn is coming to an end. Winter is very close. But in İstanbul, winter does not come before January. Rarely, snow cold shows itself in November or December but does not last long. It keeps its momentum until January and February.

When you are bored of crowd, traffic and noise, think about Islands. If you are coming from outside of İstanbul, do not return without visiting Islands.

Reaching there, is not as difficult as in the past. Frequent trips from Bostancı, Kartal and Kabataş in spring, autumn and winter are now available.There are trips at every 45 minutes in average to Büyükada and Heybeliada.

But Kınalı and Burgaz are not as lucky as them. It is better if you look at timetables before coming, you do not need to look at each timetable at City Line Ferry, Mavi Marmara or Prens Tour websites. You can easily see all available trips by just clicking ‘when can I go’ link in transportation section of our website. Please note following link for shortcut:

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