February and March on the Islands

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Now it is Mimosa time.

As we mentioned before, every season is beautiful on the islands. Islands are getting ready to be colored yellow while everywhere else colors of nature are fading due to dark winter days. With mimosas, the Islands are greeting the awakening of nature earlier than everwhere else.

Mimosas in the gardens and the hills of the Islands are going to show themselves by blooming yellow flowers starting mid February. This festivity will continue up to the end of April, depending on the weather conditions. Mimosa is one of the plants of this region, it is a kind of acacia. There are two mimosa species in Turkey. One is İzmir Mimosa that has no scent and the other is the Island Mimosa that has a beautiful fragrance. People are very much interested in mimosas because of their beauty and pleasant scent. They are sold on the Islands and in the city. But they are more beautiful on their branches. Come to the Islands to see them in their own environment. Walk around deserted roads and streets. Take pictures of yellow Mimosa trees and branches. Do not forget to bring food for cats and dogs that are waiting for you. You will feel wonderful there.


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