June on the Islands

vapurdan 300x400Elections, schools, exams and everything is over. Now, it is vacation time. Hooray!

Weather is still cool. Don’t say, ‘where is summer?’ Don’t be pessimistic. Cool weather and rain will go away soon. Swimming time is starting in Adalar.

On some days in April and May, Marmara was covered with brown foam. We witnessed the white foam before. Unfortunately, this problem, defined as algae burst by scientists, repeats more frequently. People living around Marmara and especially local managements bear big responsibility for this. Seawater around Adalar has still the cleanest in Marmara. You can find pollution measurements on our site. You can see the most recent measurements of the beaches and decide accordingly.

Almost all sea vehicles switched to summer timetables. You can look at timetables of IDO, City Lines, Mavi Marmara and Prens Tour at their own web sites. You can also find the schedules all together in our website.

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