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Büyükada- Heybeliada Tour by Boat

denizden adalar turuDiscover the Princes' Islands from the sea. Visit the natural splendor of the Islands' shores, bays, Byzantine monastaries, famous houses and mansions as well as the Museum.

Heybeliada and Büyükada are two of the most important islands of the Princes' Islands. Travelling around both these islands is as informative about the colorful lifestyles of those who lived there as it is exhilerating.Monasteries, churches, mosques side by side. The houses and mansions of celebrities who live and have lived on the islands. All the variations of the color green, the unique flora, beautiful bays and harbours. The Museum of the Princes' Islands visit on the St. Nicholas Bay.

Attention: Halki Seminary may be added to tours upon request.

Museum of the Princes' Islands

Museum of the Princes’ Islands is the first contemporary city museum of Istanbul.

It tells the story of the Islands from the geological formation of the Islands to the present day, displaying hundreds of objects and utilising twenty thousand Ottoman archival documents, six thousand digital photographs, hundreds of documentary films, documentation and filming of today’s Islands, archival records of public institutions of the Islands, temporary and permanent donations of the Islanders.

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Upon request, hiking, biking and boat tours are being organized with contracted trip agencies and licensed tourist guides. Upon request, boat tours are being organized with contracted trip agencies and licensed tourist guides.

After organizing your group, you can ask for quotation from tel 0 216 382 6430 or e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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