June on the Islands

vapurdan 300x400Elections, schools, exams and everything is over. Now, it is vacation time. Hooray!

Weather is still cool. Don’t say, ‘where is summer?’ Don’t be pessimistic. Cool weather and rain will go away soon. Swimming time is starting in Adalar.

On some days in April and May, Marmara was covered with brown foam. We witnessed the white foam before. Unfortunately, this problem, defined as algae burst by scientists, repeats more frequently. People living around Marmara and especially local managements bear big responsibility for this. Seawater around Adalar has still the cleanest in Marmara. You can find pollution measurements on our site. You can see the most recent measurements of the beaches and decide accordingly.

Almost all sea vehicles switched to summer timetables. You can look at timetables of IDO, City Lines, Mavi Marmara and Prens Tour at their own web sites. You can also find the schedules all together in our website.

Summer 2015 on the Islands

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Schools, exams, rain and Ramadan, now, finally it is mid-summer. Exciting days have come after relatively calm days. We want to concentrate on another side of the activities. Culture and art activities.

While activities in the city consist of open air concerts only, activities on the Islands increase in every aspect.

Restaurants, beaches, water sport clubs, Anadolu Club of Büyükada are becoming addresses of entertainment, concerts, races and exhibitions from time to time.

Summer programs of Çelik Gülersoy Culture and Art Center (old Adaevi), Saklı Bahçe, Büyükada Library, Adalar Kültür Derneği Club House have been already announced.

A new one, Dutlu Bahçe at Heybeliada is added to the above centers.

Some important cultural activities in this summer are as follows;

Austria Days in the Islands will be held between 21-25 July. There will be 4 concerts at cultural activity areas of Büyükada and Heybeliada and one movie at Lale Theater, the only open air theater of Büyükada and all Islands. Details can be found below.

This year, Islands are also included as one of the activity areas of 14th İstanbul Biennial, from 5th of September to 1st of November. 5 areas of Büyükada will be used for the Biennial.

It was our dream to see the Islands as an important culture and art center. Now it is being realized by civil initiative. This dream is developing step by step not like the festivals made by municipalities of seaside towns, which were bursting like bubbles. Now our target is to increase cultural activities on the islands covering whole year instead of summer months only.

This article is prepared for those asking what they can find if they go to Islands in the summer months.

Read more: Summer 2015 on the Islands

Spring in the Islands

mor salkim turgut kuli 300x225After a cold and long winter, in May, spring is finally here in Istanbul. Now, it is the right time for Adalar.

Gardens and small streets are colored with wistarias, judas trees, lilacs and various flowery plants.

Temperature is ideal for hiking, cycling or making phaeton tours.

Number of boat services that were reduced in winter are increased now. It is easier now to reach Islands from Kabataş, Bostancı or Kartal. (Summer Schedules of Seabus and City Line ferries will start after beginning of school vacation).

Please see Mavi Marmara and Prens Tour websites for motorboat schedules. You can also find the schedules all together in our website.

Photo: Turgut Kuli

February and March on the Islands

mimoza2 300x400

Now it is Mimosa time.

As we mentioned before, every season is beautiful on the islands. Islands are getting ready to be colored yellow while everywhere else colors of nature are fading due to dark winter days. With mimosas, the Islands are greeting the awakening of nature earlier than everwhere else.

Mimosas in the gardens and the hills of the Islands are going to show themselves by blooming yellow flowers starting mid February. This festivity will continue up to the end of April, depending on the weather conditions. Mimosa is one of the plants of this region, it is a kind of acacia. There are two mimosa species in Turkey. One is İzmir Mimosa that has no scent and the other is the Island Mimosa that has a beautiful fragrance. People are very much interested in mimosas because of their beauty and pleasant scent. They are sold on the Islands and in the city. But they are more beautiful on their branches. Come to the Islands to see them in their own environment. Walk around deserted roads and streets. Take pictures of yellow Mimosa trees and branches. Do not forget to bring food for cats and dogs that are waiting for you. You will feel wonderful there.


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